My name is Andrea and I teach Grade 2 at a little school with a lot of character(s). An east-coaster at heart, we have settled into the prarie landscape with satisfaction(although there are times where I miss my river so much I ache), and a knowing that this is exactly where we need to be for this time in our lives.  I am the mother of three children, currently ages 5 and under; married to a man who loves me and appreciates that life is better with me around (and it’s far too costly to divorce me!).  I have been blessed in both my life and career, and while there are moments where I need to stop, scream, swear a little, and/or spike my coffee, these moments usually lend themselves to more moments of clarity.  My life has been big and I have loved (and continue to love!) every moment of it.  My posts essentially reflect MY lessons learned.  And some have been hard, hard lessons to get through.  Some have nearly made me reconsider my sanity.  But, thankfully, just at the exact moment I am certain I am going to break in the strongest part of me, what I thought was my weakness pulls me through to the other side.  I hope that you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.  May you find the same laughter and tears, and the knowing that you are really not alone.  🙂


One Response to About

  1. Clara Gorham says:

    I am privilaged to know you and love you…..

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